Friday, January 30, 2009

So Fast

They grow up so today Ayden is 16 months old time sure has flown by seems like just yesterday we got the great news that we were pregnant and here she is 16 months old walking, running, talking, and getting into everything and did I mention getting into everything..But she is the sweetest thing loves kisses and hugs..

Thursday, January 29, 2009


The Steelers made it to the Super Bowl DH and I are very happy of course were having our annual super bowl party it is just more exciting when our team makes it...So Sunday we will have a house full of freinds and family and food I cant wait. Ayden is doing good still teething I cant wait till this is over she wakes up at all odd hours of the night and morning. I still cant get her to eat any food with out her mashing it in her hair this is one habbit I can not wait for her to be over.Ashley broke her phone well her phone broke so now she has my cell phone till this weekend when we can get her a new one and she is not very happy about it..she is dying with out her phone..

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Nothing New

Just been busy running after Ayden she seems to be hitting her terrible 2's early and has been keeping me on my toes....Sharon was here with a guy friend Tom he was very nice he is from Florida and they met online a while back and wanted to spend some time together to see how they hit it off i think he is a great guy she really likes him but his age bugs her he is quite a bit older he is 16 years older than her to me age is just a number...but oh well we will see. On another note i am sick of this cold weather i hate hate hate winter and cannot wait for summer during winter i always feel so down I guess from staying home and not really doing anything so bring on the summer weather.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Our over night stay in the hospital with Ayden

so Sunday Ayden sounds a little raspy we thought uh oh shes getting a cold.then Monday sounds a little worse and we give her tylenol cold & flu by 5 pm its bad she goes to bed at 10:00 and is having a very hard time breathing and can tell shes working hard so we keep a very close eye on her at about 11 or so she cant hardly breathe and were on our way to the er we get 2 minutes from the house and her lips are purple and shes not breathing so Troy calls 911 and they send us to the fire station....once we get there they check her out and were going to transport her to the hospital but that makes her more upset and stressed out so we decided to drive her there and if anything happend we were told pull over and call 911 so we get there sign in and get into room to wait for over 2 looong hours for a Dr to even come in that was hard Ayden wanted to walk and get into everything she was stressed and very irritable . CROUP SHE HAS CROUP it is a bad case of it they had to do a breathing treatment they gave her steroids and motrin for the fever she had a monitor hooked up to her toe which she didnt like at all at 3:45 she finally fell asleep and Troy slept on the floor for about 30 minutes they had to keep her there for observation and determin weather or not she had to stay another night then finally at 7 am Tuesday morning we got to go home she is still on sterooids and will be for 3 days and we have to keep a very close eye on her...this really scared us just watching her struggle for air its 2:00 pm now and she just woke up and is sitting on daddys lap the dr said keep her calm and stress free and relaxed andyone who knows Ayden knows thats going to be hard keeping her laying down or sitting down relaxing..I am exhausted but so thankful she is doing ok

Saturday, January 3, 2009

day on the lake

The in-laws and Loli Troy I and Ayden went out on the boat today it was awesome we had such a great time we were out there for about 4 hours and Troy and I have it down pact he backs into the lake I move the expedtion and trailor and park it he comes back for me then when its time to go I drop him off I drive the boat around till he backs the trailor into the water then I then load the boat on the trailor wooo hoo TEAM WORK I love you baby