Monday, March 30, 2009

relaxing weekend

This past weekend we packed up and went to our weekend house in Wimberley we had Ash all to ourselves which was really nice I miss her being with us and doing family things we decided at least one weekend a month she has to stay home. it was a much needed small getaway.we went to the pond and swam for a bit watched movies went for a walk went to some small shops in town. And on Saturday my parents came out which was nice it has been a while since I have seen we cooked hung out went to the swimming hole and had lunch outside hot dogs mmmm. Now it is Monday sigh

Trip to the Zoo

3-21-09 Ayden's first trip to the Zoo and she loved it. We didn't pick a good weekend because it was the last Saturday of spring break so you can only imagine how packed it was and not to mention it is under construction. But other than that we all had a great time Ayden loves animals but not too close to her we went to pet the birds and they got a little to close and she was not happy so as long as they were away from her she was happy.Ash had a great time too it was nice to have her with us she always has things to do as teenagers always do but this weekend she mad time for the family..Thank You Baby Girl....

Friday, March 20, 2009

looking forward to

to tonight we are all going to the Magic Time Machine for diner (Loli,Evanne,Troy, Ayden,Ash and a few of Evy's friends) well last night Loli said make sure and bring an over night bag for Ayden woo hoo she is staying with Evanne and Loli tonight our first huge break in a while just a few short more weeks till Loli is here living so close we cannot wait..I have to admit I'm a little nervous about her staying she wakes up calling my name at midnight sometimes but I know they can handle it.and Saturday will be Ayden's first trip to the zoo we cant wait she loves animals......My 2 girls playing in the mud

Monday, March 16, 2009

Date Night With The Hubby

Evanne came over to babysit Ayden And Troy and I went to eat at Applebees then went Lunar Bowling with a bunch of our friend's we had such a great time...We needed a little break

The JUmping gym

This past Saturday we took Ayden to the Jumping Gym she had so much fun and wore us out we jumped with her and went down all the slide and through the obstacles we had a blast

Thursday, March 5, 2009

I cannot believe this happend to me

So this morning I was in the bathroom and as I'm coming out Gabby the little girl I babysit tells me Ayden is drinking medicine I freak out and run in the kitchen and sure enough bottle of norel dm in her hand I take it from her and it's all gone I freaked I called my good friend Kim and she startrs making her way over then call hubby freaking out so then i call poioson control of course i'm hysterical and freaking out the lady tells me ok I need you to calm down so I can understand you so we figured with her weight and age and the type of meds it was that she would be ok just to keep a real close eye on her I know your thinking how and where did she get it from how did she get it open I know I thought the same thing cause those of you who have been to my house know we have the kid proof latches on the cabinets the doorknobs have the child proof ones too and we dont keep meds where she can eve reach well she dug in her dads night stand we had no clue it was even there but she found it as far as how she got it open we dont know.she is taking a nap right now so far the only symptoms are drowsyand you could tell it made her dizzy she was walking to the side my poor baby I feel just horrible about it.......So much can happen in the blink of an eye...I am so thankful she is ok and thank you Kim for always being there for me... ...