Tuesday, April 21, 2009

wow where to begin

Well it has been a while sinceI last updated I dont even know where to start.Easter we spent it in Wimberley with family and friends it was great. Ashley is doing really good spending alot of time with the family which is nice for a change.Ayden well is Ayden she is hitting the terrible 2's and boy are they terrible. We have been spending alot of time outside since the weather has been so awesome. Ashley was home for over a week because of the swine flu going around.And the best news of all 5 more days till Loli moves to San Antonio we were in Portland a couple weeks ago to help her move and of course we took Ayden across the ferry and to the beach she was not sure at first but then loves it she loved burrying Sissy in the sand and walking all over her the most it was cute. im working on a slide show that ill post after while..