Sunday, November 29, 2009

time flies

Wow it has been a lont time since I have blogged so I am just going to catch up in one post and then start blogging again ok here goes lets see ok HALLOWEEN Ash was a very cute nerd and Ayden was Cinderella we went to Lolis house where we got dressed and headed out in her neighborhood and it was lousy no one was participating so we decided to load up and drive somewhere else we pulled out of the driveway where Ayden says I am tired and within in second was asleep so we turned around and went back home...
Ayden's best friend Payten they are a year apart but get along so good they play so much too Payten has a sister Haven who is a little older and comes to play too and the three of them have a blast.we also went to Alyssas B-day party where they had a petting zoo and pony rides Ayden had so much fun

ok and finally THANKS GIVING it was great we had all our family and friends over
ok that was a quick update

Thursday, September 24, 2009

I almost cried

Today Ayden has been so cuddly I love it usually she is off playing and running and well into everything..Today she has been sitting on my lap and hugging me and so lovey..Well usually when she falls I kiss it and she says better Mommy. Well today she fell and afterwards crawled into my lap and said sing to me Mommy omg I had tears as I was singing im not sure why but those words made me just look at her and want to cry.As I looked down at her I thought to myself this is my baby this is what I have tried for for 10 years she is my angel..So I sang the first song that came to my head

If I needed you would you come to me,
Would you come to me, and ease my pain?
If you needed me
I would come to you
I'd swim the seas for to ease your pain

The new Ashley

Well Ash got her braces on Wed today is Thur and poor baby is in so much pain I have to say she looks really cute in her pink braces...Ashley is almost 16 years old she has grown up so fast I don't want anymore time to pass I want her to stay home with me forever she is my best friend and her growing up and moving on scares me..I pray I have done a good job as a mother to her that she will grow to to be a wonderful woman...She is sweet loving, caring, a great friend and the best daughter anyone could ask for...Not a day goes by that she doesn't hear how much I love her...

6:30 am on our way to get bracesThe new Ashley she looks so cute in bracesMy Monkey my best friend I love you sunshine

A sweet memory

This past Monday I spent the day with Troy Ashley took care of Ayden. It has been a while since we have been apart but it was a good oppurtunity to do some birthday shopping for Ayden..We have been telling her about her birthday coming up alot in the past few weeks..Well we get home and she jumps in my arms and says I missed you mommy so much really reaally missed you and hugs and squeezes me so tight then says I love you mommy ughhhh happy birthday mommy it was so cute she was looking for all the nice things she could think of to say to me....I ABSOLUTLEY LOVED IT MADE ME FEEL SO GOOD

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Ayden update

So the x-rays came back and everything looks good next is neurologist for cat scan and mri which has me freaking out... Loli has a good freind that lives out of state and she told him what was going on with Ayden and he sent out the most heart warming email to all the people he knows it brought tears to my eyes so I wanted to share what he wrote

Like most of us,I have special prayers.Most are directed to God.This one goes to my close friends who help me to be able enjoy life because of care and concerns for oneanother.
I have a great family of friends in Texas who today are very afraid,concerned and really need your prayers.
Ayden Emery [2 years old] has some kind of health issue that is threatening her ability to walk. Her young parents are devastated,her Aunt prays daily and more often for her little neice.
Please, when you kneel today to take your message to the Lord,remember this precious baby.
I am so thankful for your friendship and wish you more!
Tom W

Monday, September 14, 2009

My Ashley

Ashley came home from spending the weekend at her friends house not feeling good so today she went to the Dr she has a sinus infection and bronchitis my poor baby what i wouldn't do to trade places with her right now...on a good not she has a apt with her dentist to get her fitting for her braces that she will have put on next Wednesday she is so excited.

My Ayden

So last Wed Ayden was playing in the first and it started to drizzle so I asked her to get up well she fell down and I said silly girl get up lets go in then she fell again and attempted to get up 3 more times Troy and I looked at each other and said somethings wrong as were running to her well she keeps falling she can not stand at all she just collapsed everytime we stood her up so off to the e.r we go where we wait 5 hours to see the dr got to love those dang e.r's so by the time he sees us she is fine and dandy like nothing ever happen so he says it cant be diagnosed but he is willing to bet it wont happen again so we get home and the next morning what do you know she does it again she collapses every time she tries to wal so we make an apt with her pedi he does x rays of her hips and pelvis results come back on fri says everything is fine so our next step is a neurologist in the mean time i will continue to just worry...

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Is this crazy or is it just me

The Duggars are having a 19th baby omg i would go out of my mind

A new Kid

So today is the first day I am babysitting anew kid his name is Camdyn and he is 9 months old Ayden seems to like him so far and has not been extremely jealous she has only yelled my mommy to him once it was very cute btw. Nothing much has been going on her in our house latley the usual work school dinner last night we had family night and played a game called sequence it was alot of fun we enjoyed it.......It seems to be cooling off her finally and we even got some rain wow I forgot what rain was but it sure was nice for our grass which we have been struggling to keep green....Great day to all :)

Thursday, August 27, 2009

A tiny baby again

So I was putting together a toy for my niece who just had a baby girl and Ayden was trying to destroy it and I said no it's for Ava she got sooo upset so I had to put her other one together so I pulled out the other one and she was a tiny baby all over again

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Back to school

Well Ash started 10Th grade Monday wow my baby is a sophomore I really hate when she goes back to school I miss her so much even though during the summer when she is at her friends for days on end I can still call her or text during the middle of the day to tell her something send a funny text or just gossip about something......I am going to go crazy when Ayden has to start school.....

Sunday, August 23, 2009

some catching up to do

Hmmm lets see well Ayden is potty trained goes all night with out any accidents first thing in the morning she says pee pee potty mommy it is so cute...She swims soo good now cant keep her away from the water...

she has had a really good play date with Alyssa who is a month and a 1/2 younger than her but very small that went great Ayden was a bit agressive so we had to watch that her hugs didnt get too hard
Ashley had her first boy sleep over 2 of her best guy friends came over and spent the night I know they are only friends but as a mom i guess it was weird for me the door was open all night and they played xbox till 6 in the morning grand theft auto lol I peeked in a few times ok QUITE A FEW TIMES HAHAHAHA and thos esame good frineds Timmy & Tommy went with us and spent a weekend in Wimberley where they made numerous dares eating live baby fish (teenagers lol) and had a blast at the pond

We have been spening lots of time at Loli & Evy's house which is nice I really wish we lived in S.A now closer to family and friends I still feel so lonley here not having any friends or family close

Ashley and Ayden had Dentist appointments this was Ayden's first apt come to find out the first tooth that came in when she was 3 monhts old is dead and will be falling out soon hopefully painless if it is we take her in to be pulled I have to admit I got teary eyed Ash has 4 small cavities which is a surprise to us and she has a consultation for braces in a few weeks.

here is her big smile I love so much

July she turned 22 months old omg time is flying so fast where did my newborn go

Monday, August 10, 2009

Potty training day 8

It is going great I keep the potty chair in the dining area and she doe not even tell me she has to pee she walks over and pees then tells me wipe mommy followed by the silliest pee pee in the potty dance I am so proud of her and I love how her clothes look with out that big bulge on her bottom. so all in all it is painless she still wears one at night but goes all day with panties on yay Ayden

Saturday, August 8, 2009

no pictures just the memories in my head

my mom & dad & uncle James Loli & Evie came over we bbqued and hung out got in the pool and showed everyone how much Ayden was a good swimmer. It is 11:25 P.M saturday night well my dad has never been in a pool he doesnt know how to swim and never gets in the water well tonight for some reason he decided to get in the pool with me and my mom he has never been in the water anywhere with me my life I so much wanted a picture but didnt want to get out of the water and ruin it to get my camera so for this event i will just share my memories and no pictures...IT WAS AWESOME

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

getting settled back in

last wed thru sunday we went on a little vacation Troy's family reunion in New Braunfel's boy has it changed we used to pack up and go and still have room in the truck now were al bunched in and not sure if we forgot anything for Ayden it is crazy at how much stuff 1 has to pack for a 2 year old anyways were back home and unpacking and putting things back in order i'll post pictures of our trip in a bit...

Potty training day 3

4 accidents not too bad sometimes she will walk over and pee on her own which is nice but i try and remind her every 10 minutes. Daddy came home with surprises for the girls yesterday Ashley got a xbox game and Ayden got Elmo panties and of course tried to put all 7 pairs on at once I am hoping to have her potty trained by sept 30th she will be 2 so thats my plan wish me luck she is a stubborn one.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Family Reunion 2009

Troy and his family have been going to The Other Place on the Comal River for over 35 years I have been blessed to be part of this event for 9 years now and absolutely love it well except the hill we have to walk up and down to get to the river but our cabins have a view of the river.This year we had a thunder storm it was funny to see our whole group about 40 scatter to a cabin every one that stays in the cabins we know they also go the first weekend of August so we get to see them every year and see how they have changed and watch their family's grow

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Ayden's creation

So Loli bought Ayden some more blocks to add to her collection Thank you Loli more blocks for mommy to pick up but Ayden and daddy had a blast she was so tickled to be able to see through the block house she made

Ashley & Taylor


Lazy Days

So nothing new really going on just the usual routine The potty training does not seem to be working and as you may have seen yes Ayden is back on the bottle after she was off for 2 weeks she would not drink milk in a sippy cup and only wanted juices well she started having muscle spasms and pains in her leg so we gave her back the bottle and she started drinking her milk again and all was better so I guess when she is ready she will be ready I am not going to rush her. Ayden after spending a few minutes in her sister's room

Tuesday, July 14, 2009


yesterday i was a crazy woman ok so I get a call from Troy and he says babe theres a huge fire in Burnette ranch get online and _________________phone disconnects I start freaking out our weekend house is there along with his Dads Moms and Grandmoms pictures guns ammo lots of memorabilia NOT TO MENTIO NIT'S MY FAVORITE PLACE IN THE WORLD so anyways finally we get in contact he is on his way to the house to try and save some stuff whil im on line keeping up with updates Thank God no one was hurt and that it moved the other way not towards out Wimberley house
Boy accused of starting
Hays fire
Fire near Wimberley burned 500 acres

Updated: Monday, 13 Jul 2009, 10:40 PM CDT
Published : Monday, 13 Jul 2009, 3:01 PM CDT

* Blair Shiff, John L. Thomas

WIMBERLEY, Texas (KXAN) - Investigators in Hays County believe a 9-year-old boy started a fire that threatened several homes west of Wimberley.

The fire burned nearly 500 acres and forced the evacuation of 15 homes in the Lost Creek Ranch subdivision late this afternoon.

More than 80 firefighters battled the flames. A Forest Service helicopter was called in to drop flame retardant chemicals on the fire.

As of 9:00 PM, the fire is reported to be 75 percent contained. Families are now being allowed to return to their homes.

Fire crews will stay on scene all night to mop up and monitor hot spots.

Fire officials say the fire started in the clubhouse and pool area of Lost Springs Ranch. The Investigators now believe the boy started the fire with a lighter.

Grass Fires Burns Near
Wimberley Homes

Updated: Tuesday, 14 Jul 2009, 7:01 AM CDT
Published : Monday, 13 Jul 2009, 3:40 PM CDT

A grass fire near Wimberley threatened about 15 homes Monday afternoon. Authorities activated the reverse 911 system to tell people to stay indoors but did not evacuate any homes. The homes are located near FM 2325 and Burnett Ranch Road. Around 500 acres were burned in the fire.

Hays County Emergency Management activated two task forces to fight the fire. The task forces consist of 11 fire departments. Each department will one or two trucks. Authorities have asked the Texas Forest Service to provide help and STARFlight dropped water on the blaze..

No injuries have been reported so far. By Monday evening the fire had been about 75 percent contained and authorities were just battling hot spots. The dry and windy conditions allowed the fire to spread very quickly and jump from place to place.

lifes little treasures

nothing's more special then when your 2 year old walks in the kitchen and says here mommy and hands you a ball of POOP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! she decided to take the diaper off herself and bring me the prize that was in it ughhhhhhhhhh