Thursday, July 23, 2009

Ayden's creation

So Loli bought Ayden some more blocks to add to her collection Thank you Loli more blocks for mommy to pick up but Ayden and daddy had a blast she was so tickled to be able to see through the block house she made

Ashley & Taylor


Lazy Days

So nothing new really going on just the usual routine The potty training does not seem to be working and as you may have seen yes Ayden is back on the bottle after she was off for 2 weeks she would not drink milk in a sippy cup and only wanted juices well she started having muscle spasms and pains in her leg so we gave her back the bottle and she started drinking her milk again and all was better so I guess when she is ready she will be ready I am not going to rush her. Ayden after spending a few minutes in her sister's room

Tuesday, July 14, 2009


yesterday i was a crazy woman ok so I get a call from Troy and he says babe theres a huge fire in Burnette ranch get online and _________________phone disconnects I start freaking out our weekend house is there along with his Dads Moms and Grandmoms pictures guns ammo lots of memorabilia NOT TO MENTIO NIT'S MY FAVORITE PLACE IN THE WORLD so anyways finally we get in contact he is on his way to the house to try and save some stuff whil im on line keeping up with updates Thank God no one was hurt and that it moved the other way not towards out Wimberley house
Boy accused of starting
Hays fire
Fire near Wimberley burned 500 acres

Updated: Monday, 13 Jul 2009, 10:40 PM CDT
Published : Monday, 13 Jul 2009, 3:01 PM CDT

* Blair Shiff, John L. Thomas

WIMBERLEY, Texas (KXAN) - Investigators in Hays County believe a 9-year-old boy started a fire that threatened several homes west of Wimberley.

The fire burned nearly 500 acres and forced the evacuation of 15 homes in the Lost Creek Ranch subdivision late this afternoon.

More than 80 firefighters battled the flames. A Forest Service helicopter was called in to drop flame retardant chemicals on the fire.

As of 9:00 PM, the fire is reported to be 75 percent contained. Families are now being allowed to return to their homes.

Fire crews will stay on scene all night to mop up and monitor hot spots.

Fire officials say the fire started in the clubhouse and pool area of Lost Springs Ranch. The Investigators now believe the boy started the fire with a lighter.

Grass Fires Burns Near
Wimberley Homes

Updated: Tuesday, 14 Jul 2009, 7:01 AM CDT
Published : Monday, 13 Jul 2009, 3:40 PM CDT

A grass fire near Wimberley threatened about 15 homes Monday afternoon. Authorities activated the reverse 911 system to tell people to stay indoors but did not evacuate any homes. The homes are located near FM 2325 and Burnett Ranch Road. Around 500 acres were burned in the fire.

Hays County Emergency Management activated two task forces to fight the fire. The task forces consist of 11 fire departments. Each department will one or two trucks. Authorities have asked the Texas Forest Service to provide help and STARFlight dropped water on the blaze..

No injuries have been reported so far. By Monday evening the fire had been about 75 percent contained and authorities were just battling hot spots. The dry and windy conditions allowed the fire to spread very quickly and jump from place to place.

lifes little treasures

nothing's more special then when your 2 year old walks in the kitchen and says here mommy and hands you a ball of POOP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! she decided to take the diaper off herself and bring me the prize that was in it ughhhhhhhhhh

Monday, July 13, 2009

call me a dork

But I have a water troft pod with coy and gold fish and I was feeding them and saw some baby fish yay I was so happy and so was Ayden hahah call me a dork but it was cool so see them I have had the pond for 4 years now and none of the fish have had babies till now they are so cute I cannot believe I have not noticed them before

Here it is

The new play room floor finally done Troy got this wood more than six months ago way more than 6 months ;) and I have not bugged him I was going to let him do it on his own time but finally I got tired of that carpet and asked him a week ago and lookie here it took him a day and a half to do the floor and trim of course Ayden stepped in the glue and got it on the hallway floor and it was a pain getting it iff Ayden and the floor and she did not like that very sticky feeling but yay Troy thank you baby and here it is Ayden's new play room start to finish soon to be my computer room in like 6 years maybe hahaha

Those damn Midnight calls are never good

So midnight i'm watching C.S.I and my cell phone rings never good It's my dad but I didn't get it in time so I call like 5 times and nothing so by then i'm pacing and freaking out thinking the most worse things I finally try my moms cell she answered thank God well my brother got picked up last night he had warrants the reason he got pulled over NO SEAT BELT OMG it makes me so mad 1 he didnt just try and take care of them and 2 you know you have warrants and you dont wear a seat belt I feel so bad because he has been there before and I went to see him and I know how much he hates it so I got no sleep last night just worrying about him.

Friday, July 10, 2009

This is just crazy

So finally we are redoing the floor in the play room my used to be computer relaxing room. I pulled Ayden's things out and thought to my self who in their right mind has all this ugh it's crazy so this is what my living room looks like right now If you look closely there's an Ayden in all that mess hahaha she is trying to play I'm not sure what she thought we were doing with her things but she was yelling my play room mine my toys no Mommy no Daddy stop it. It was cute and sad

This could have been bad

So ok if you don't know you know now I never wear shoes i am barefooted all the time in our back yard because we have grass in the front because of gravel inside anywhere and everywhere I can I'm barefooted. So anyways to the point I was looking for a metal curtain rod I put away so I'd know where it was when I wanted it and im sure we have all dont that so I looked everywhere I thought I may have put it. well i'ts no where so I thought maybe i put it under the back deck so i go down the steps and see a pair of flipflops and think hmm maybe I should put them on in case I get a sticker since the dogs have dragged some in on that side of the house so I never find the rod and on my way out i stepped on something cause my ankle twisted so I take a few more stpes and have a look and oh me oh my THIS COULD HAVE BEEN BAD that was more than a sticker a huge piece of glass and have no clue where it may have come from and as you can see it went deep into that shoe I am so glad I even decided to put shoes on and that they were right there in the back yard

Thursday, July 9, 2009

What am I going to do now

Well ever since I can remember I have worked at a day care center or baby sat at home well I am done the little girl I have been caring for for 3 years now will no longer be here anymore and the other two part time girls are moving so no more kids for me what am I going to do with my self I thought about putting Ayden in a day care and getting a job but the thought of that scares the crap out of me and I don't know anyone out here who babysits so I don't know what my next step is.I used to be a manager at a hair salon and loved it but Ash was old enough and stayed with my mom well I don't live near my mom and she can't watch Ayden so ugh im in a rut and just needed to vent a bit......

Our Weekend in Wimberley slide show

Monday, July 6, 2009

Our Weekend Away from home

So this weekend we went to our weekend house in Wimberley Poppy & Mimi were there Loli and Evy came they had Ayden for a few days last week so I missed her bunches we even managed to get Ash to spend the weekend with the family..We spent Fri & half of Saturday at the swimming hole my favorite place in the world then went to an awesome 4th of July show That Ayden wanted o part of at all which surprised us because last year she absolutely loved it and was amazed so Loli & Evy took her to the car and she liked it better from there so here is our 4th of July slide show I am working on our time at the pond and will post a slide show soon

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Swim Lessons update

Well this session of swim lessons is done Ayden did so well and we are very proud of her I can not wait for a new session to start she has learned so much the swim instrustors were very nice and tought very well we will definatley be going back for more classes