Monday, October 27, 2008

Our first market Day

Kim and I had out first market day we sold Tutu's Bandana dresses and head bows we did really good.. I cant wait to do the next one..When i got home my sweet husband had a cake baked for me dinner ready he did a shrimp boil my favorite and my birthday present whch was a very thoughtful one it was my own little tool box with all new headbow making tools in it that was the most thoughtful gift ever and not to mention he took care of AYden and Ash all day went grocery shopping and b-day present shopping I love you Baby thank you... Ashley had her 15th birthday this month and really wanted her belly button pierced and with much thought we said yes I reall want her to be her own person and express her self and not to mentionI have mine done I did not see the harm in it we used the same guy who has pierced her before and she loves it..Happy Birthday Ashley.

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