Monday, December 22, 2008

Weekend in Portland

This weekend we went to Portland to have the Purdum Christmas it was very nice i cought up on some sleep Because Loli wanted Ayden to cuddle with her both nights so that was nice I love Loli she hogs Ayden anythime she is around which is alot so we get a break. It was nice seeing the family the drive up and down is hard because Ayden hates the car seat so i have to find wasy to keep her busy and her mind off throwing fits and I am so happy to say she finally lets us read to her I have been trying to get her interested in books for quite a while now and finally she brings us a book and will sit and let us read to her yay for books now its non stop but thats ok it's good for her..she is also learning sign language. Ashley was excited to get her gift she got a new laptop she has been wanting one for a while and she finally got it... the smile on her face was priceless... Christmas Pictures, Images and Photos

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