Sunday, August 23, 2009

some catching up to do

Hmmm lets see well Ayden is potty trained goes all night with out any accidents first thing in the morning she says pee pee potty mommy it is so cute...She swims soo good now cant keep her away from the water...

she has had a really good play date with Alyssa who is a month and a 1/2 younger than her but very small that went great Ayden was a bit agressive so we had to watch that her hugs didnt get too hard
Ashley had her first boy sleep over 2 of her best guy friends came over and spent the night I know they are only friends but as a mom i guess it was weird for me the door was open all night and they played xbox till 6 in the morning grand theft auto lol I peeked in a few times ok QUITE A FEW TIMES HAHAHAHA and thos esame good frineds Timmy & Tommy went with us and spent a weekend in Wimberley where they made numerous dares eating live baby fish (teenagers lol) and had a blast at the pond

We have been spening lots of time at Loli & Evy's house which is nice I really wish we lived in S.A now closer to family and friends I still feel so lonley here not having any friends or family close

Ashley and Ayden had Dentist appointments this was Ayden's first apt come to find out the first tooth that came in when she was 3 monhts old is dead and will be falling out soon hopefully painless if it is we take her in to be pulled I have to admit I got teary eyed Ash has 4 small cavities which is a surprise to us and she has a consultation for braces in a few weeks.

here is her big smile I love so much

July she turned 22 months old omg time is flying so fast where did my newborn go

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