Wednesday, May 20, 2009

I think it is finally his time to go

Rosco is 16 years old I have been with him for almost 9 years he is annoying at times jumps on the counter and high chair sneaks in the house when he is not wanted. He loves to be petted and has had his ups and downs with Ayden but they are finally getting along well after her pulling his tail and hair and him bitting and scratching her...yesterday he started showing signs of not doing to good he limped in the house slowly and found his spot under Ashley's bed where he has not moved eaten or gone to the bathroom I was able to get him comfy by putting a blanket under him I am so sad we love him so much..I am praying he is just not feeling good and is going to be ok WE LOVE YOU ROSCO P

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kim said...

Sandra Sandra Sandra. Such somber thoughts lately. I'm sorry you are feeling so sad. Can I do anything? Let me know.