Thursday, May 21, 2009

A nice walk

So Ayden and I decided to take a little stroll since every other day Ash and I jog to spend some time alone and talk and just get some much needed exercise me anyways. so on our walk we stopped a hundred times to smell the flowers and to have a visit from our neighbors dog who came out to say hi to Ayden.And she got to see our good friend Jordan who she said hi to about 20 times We took the stroller but she decided she also wanted to walk. So it was a nice Walk for us.


kim said...

Where was I? I would have come out to say hi! Roxy's gotten pretty friendly huh? You can see how big Ayden is when you put her next to Roxy. Adorable!

Sandra said...

we were there for like 15 minutes Ayden did not want to leave and when we did she was trying to bring Roxy with her it was funny she came saying puppy cmon..