Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Ayden update

So the x-rays came back and everything looks good next is neurologist for cat scan and mri which has me freaking out... Loli has a good freind that lives out of state and she told him what was going on with Ayden and he sent out the most heart warming email to all the people he knows it brought tears to my eyes so I wanted to share what he wrote

Like most of us,I have special prayers.Most are directed to God.This one goes to my close friends who help me to be able enjoy life because of care and concerns for oneanother.
I have a great family of friends in Texas who today are very afraid,concerned and really need your prayers.
Ayden Emery [2 years old] has some kind of health issue that is threatening her ability to walk. Her young parents are devastated,her Aunt prays daily and more often for her little neice.
Please, when you kneel today to take your message to the Lord,remember this precious baby.
I am so thankful for your friendship and wish you more!
Tom W


kim said...

Sooo sweet.

Georgana said...

That was really knd hearted of him to do this. My eyes filled with tears. I cant imagine what you are feeling but Ayden is definatly on my prayer list. God Bless her, I pray God heal her and bring you and your family comfort.