Monday, September 14, 2009

My Ayden

So last Wed Ayden was playing in the first and it started to drizzle so I asked her to get up well she fell down and I said silly girl get up lets go in then she fell again and attempted to get up 3 more times Troy and I looked at each other and said somethings wrong as were running to her well she keeps falling she can not stand at all she just collapsed everytime we stood her up so off to the e.r we go where we wait 5 hours to see the dr got to love those dang e.r's so by the time he sees us she is fine and dandy like nothing ever happen so he says it cant be diagnosed but he is willing to bet it wont happen again so we get home and the next morning what do you know she does it again she collapses every time she tries to wal so we make an apt with her pedi he does x rays of her hips and pelvis results come back on fri says everything is fine so our next step is a neurologist in the mean time i will continue to just worry...

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