Friday, July 10, 2009

This could have been bad

So ok if you don't know you know now I never wear shoes i am barefooted all the time in our back yard because we have grass in the front because of gravel inside anywhere and everywhere I can I'm barefooted. So anyways to the point I was looking for a metal curtain rod I put away so I'd know where it was when I wanted it and im sure we have all dont that so I looked everywhere I thought I may have put it. well i'ts no where so I thought maybe i put it under the back deck so i go down the steps and see a pair of flipflops and think hmm maybe I should put them on in case I get a sticker since the dogs have dragged some in on that side of the house so I never find the rod and on my way out i stepped on something cause my ankle twisted so I take a few more stpes and have a look and oh me oh my THIS COULD HAVE BEEN BAD that was more than a sticker a huge piece of glass and have no clue where it may have come from and as you can see it went deep into that shoe I am so glad I even decided to put shoes on and that they were right there in the back yard

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Georgana said...

Ouch! It is good to listen to your instinct..I have learned that the hard way.