Monday, July 6, 2009

Our Weekend Away from home

So this weekend we went to our weekend house in Wimberley Poppy & Mimi were there Loli and Evy came they had Ayden for a few days last week so I missed her bunches we even managed to get Ash to spend the weekend with the family..We spent Fri & half of Saturday at the swimming hole my favorite place in the world then went to an awesome 4th of July show That Ayden wanted o part of at all which surprised us because last year she absolutely loved it and was amazed so Loli & Evy took her to the car and she liked it better from there so here is our 4th of July slide show I am working on our time at the pond and will post a slide show soon

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Georgana said...

Wow! it looks like you all had so much fun and the fireworks look beautiful!